Why We Do It

You value your wealth—and our calling is to help manage it. We’ve dedicated our lives to serve as your guide in navigating a complex and ever-changing financial landscape.

Here at Buckley Financial Planning, LLC, we get to know you on a deeply personal level and, from there, build out unique wealth management strategies based on in-depth research and years of market experience.

Here’s what we believe every client should expect when they join us in our calling to help them create the lives they’ve always dreamed of living.

As A Client, You Deserve…

A team of professionals.

We have a unique combination of relational acumen and technical experience, which allows us to keep up with the rapid pace of today’s financial market so you can go to bed every night knowing that no matter what the market is doing, we’re on top of it.


The right to personal contact and attention.

We understand that each client’s situation is different. We take time to get to know your goals and needs, so you can be confident that your custom financial strategy takes into account not just your finances, but also the whole of your life.

To be informed.

We create and implement a cohesive strategy for your long-term goals and objectives, but we also pay close attention to how changes in the market affect your portfolio. And then we relay that information over the course of the year based on your customized needs. This model allows you the freedom to go live your life—while still knowing everything you need to!


Cutting-edge technology.

We believe it is imperative that you have access to technology that gives you a comprehensive view of your assets, held with Buckley Financial Planning and elsewhere, at any moment, from any device.

To work with fee-only advisors.

We have a job. And this model means that you only pay us when we do that job. Our firm is designed to work with your best interest in mind. This approach ensures that you can be confident that your custom financial strategy is built with only your benefit in mind.


Advisors who give back to our communities.

You are generous… and so are we. One of our core responsibilities, we believe, is to be active members and leaders of our community. Happy people are generous people. That’s why we also contribute to various charitable organizations.

Our Process

Financial markets are inherently complicated. Fortunately, our process is not.
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