What We Do

For almost three decades, our team here at Buckley Financial Planning, LLC has guided our clients toward living the lives of their dreams.

As fee-only wealth planning advisors, we know that your money means a lot. But we also know that it’s not everything. Your money has purpose. And that purpose is as unique as you.

That’s why, as a team committed to helping you make your goals a reality, it’s our job to partner with you to determine what your money should be for. To do that, we take a holistic approach to your unique financial strategy and determine what you want your life to be—not just where your money should go.

We group our services into three main categories:

Financial Planning

We work with you to construct and manage a financial plan designed to pursue your financial goals and free you up to live your life.

Wealth Management

Your wealth management strategy should reflect your values. For that reason, we build custom portfolios centered around our investment policy statement with your goals top-of-mind. We personally evaluate a list of research reports and complete our own intensive vetting process for each and every investment vehicle we recommend. Our approach to wealth management includes creating strategies around:
  • Using Individual Stocks, Preferred Stocks and Bonds
  • Utilizing Online Performance Reporting Software
  • Evaluating Risk and Asset Allocation

Generational Planning

Your wealth doesn’t exist in a vacuum. That’s why we provide comprehensive financial service assistance for you and your family as you plan for the future.

Additionally, we are linked to a powerful network of support service providers that offer expert advice on legalaccounting and tax issues to best serve any of your needs that may arise.

We pride ourselves on our personal approach to your financial strategy, keeping you up to speed through regular updates and full planning reviews.

Here’s the bottom line:

For our entire team, our goal is your peace of mind. Our mission is your freedom. Our passion is guiding you toward the life you’ve always wanted—no matter what that life might look like for you individually!

Our Process

Financial markets are inherently complicated. Fortunately, our process is not.
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