Make Your Wealth Count

Wealth management through relational guidance, up-front advice, and generosity.

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1996, Buckley Financial Planning, LLC has continually provided for our clients a full suite of custom financial planning options. With our fee-only model, financial experience, and dedication to full transparency, as a client your needs come first. Our holistic, team-based approach to wealth management takes into account every part of our clients’ lives, not just their finances.

Because we start from this relational core, we’re able to build robust financial strategies that allow our clients to save for the future as well as live their lives fully in the here and now.

We serve clients nationwide from our primary office in Columbus, Ohio and our regional office in Cincinnati, Ohio.

What We Do

As fee-only wealth planning advisors, we know your money matters.

But we also know that it’s not everything. Your money has purpose. And that purpose is as unique as you.

That’s why our team has been built to partner with you and determine what your money should be for. Our primary services include Financial Planning and Wealth Management.

From our first meeting on, we take a personalized, educational approach to your unique financial strategy and determine what you want your life to be—not just where your money should go.

Why We Do It

Your financial health is a critical part of your life. We get it. That’s why we’ve dedicated our lives to serve as your guide in navigating a complex and ever-changing financial landscape. We value transparency, integrity, and the relationships we’re able to nurture over the decades with our clients.

Our calling is to build out and implement custom management strategies based on deep research and over 30 years of market experience. And every day that we’re able to wake up, get to work, and do just that is a life-giving one.

Our Process

Financial markets are inherently complicated. Fortunately, our process is not.
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